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Second in a series: Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free and Binary

April 27, 2016

The second book in a series is sometimes just more story following the same characters or situation, and in both these cases—Randy Henderson’s Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free and Stephanie Saulter’s Binary—that’s pleasant, because it’s a good story.

Bigfootloose and Finn Fancy Free is the sequel to Finn Fancy Necromancy. This time Finn and Dawn are in love, and Finn has decided to use the Kin Finder his father invented to find true love for other people. His first client is Sal, the Bigfoot.

There are a few fun new things in this sequel; I especially like the explanation of a “burabura” which is one of a “race of objects that had come alive….possessed by a sprite-like Fey spirit from the Other Realm who was too weak to bond with a true living being. Thankfully, it took at least a hundred years in most cases for an object to gain the kind of spiritual resonance that allowed possession, and modern societies rarely kept objects around for more than a decade or two at most. I didn’t even want to imagine gangs of animated New Kids on the Block action figures running rampant in the streets.”

I also really enjoyed the explanation that
“thaumaturges once had a booming business in inventing clever magical interrogation devices. Once such devices were no longer needed or as popular due to truth spells and ethics and such, many of them ended up being reimagined for commercial use….the most successful adaptations were toys and board games. Mouse Trap was based on an interrogation device, of course, but so were Mr. Mouth, Don’t Break the Ice, and Hungry Hungry Hippos.
But one of the most effective and insidious devices was reportedly turned into the See ‘n Say. Its use as a magical brainwashing device apparently had something to do with mixing up the pictures and the sounds and forcing the victim to play them constantly Clockwork Orange style, until they accepted their torturer’s new reality. To this day, there are believed to be sleeper agents out there ready to do whatever “The Farmer” tells them if triggered with a bit of magic and the correct phrase, such as The Cow says…Oink Oink Oink!”

When Finn has to talk to a vampire, he is startled by his banshee scream doorbell, and then thinks about how much
“vampires love practical jokes….They played them on anyone….
The practical jokes that vampires played on each other, however, could be deadly to anyone caught in the crossfire. Being both immortal and virtually indestructible, a battle of practical jokes between two vampires could escalate over years, even centuries, to insane extremes. And with so much time on their hands, they were not above setting up jokes that took months, years, even decades to come to fruition, which made it difficult to end a battle since a joke whose foundations were laid decades ago might not bear fruit until years after a truce was called, triggering a response and starting the whole process over again.
Parking meters. Junk mail. Daylight Savings Time. All rumored to have begun as a vampire’s practical joke. It’s said one ancient vampire was responsible for both the invention of toilets, and of fireworks, just so that centuries later he could do the first cherry bomb in the toilet joke.”

Since Finn’s second story ends with not only a wedding but also a mysterious note from his missing-since-the-end-of-the-first-novel grandfather, it’s clear that there will be a third part of the story.

Binary is the sequel to Gemsigns, and it focuses on Herran, who has “a brain that speaks binary as well as human.” It’s also the story of Gwen and Rhys, Aryel’s younger foster brother and sister, who have surprising abilities of their own.

Three-quarters of the way through, I thought I had guessed who the third novel, Regeneration, would focus on, but then this novel went ahead and revealed her secrets, as well as the rest of the secrets Aryel has been keeping. Now I’m not sure who the third novel will focus on, but I’m anxious to find out more about the secrets of regeneration, as you can all well imagine.

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  1. April 28, 2016 8:55 pm

    The third one apparently is going to be all about the gill-lungsy people and all the things they’ve been getting up to. I have no idea what to anticipate really! Underwater stuff?


  1. Regeneration | Necromancy Never Pays

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